Eliminates Corrosion

Since the Positive Seal Coupling (Mechanical connector) System completely eliminates the need for welding, pipelines can be constructed with the benefit of internal coating which protects them from corrosive fluids, as well as enhancing product flow characteristics.

The internal pipe coating also prevents the formation of iron oxides, iron sulfides, and other common bare pipe contaminants which is important to oilfield injection system performance. These insoluble solids plug off the injection well formation face and restrict long term injectivity.

The Positive Seal Coupling (Mechanical connector) is used extensively in highly corrosive pipeline applications including C02 injection, water injection, brine water disposal wells, plus the produced fluids of oil, saltwater, and natural gas containing H2S and CO2.

The Coupling System is also used to join CRA line pipes such as 13 Chrome and 22 Duplex stainless steel, both seamless and longitudinally welded pipe. This eliminates the very troublesome, costly, slow, and high repair problems of welding CRA line pipe. Typically, the overall, installed cost of a Positive Seal Coupling System CRA pipeline is less expensive than a welded CRA pipeline.