Increased Safety & Reliability

The Positive Seal Coupling (Mechanical Connector) have 100% pressure, stress and load capability under ANSI/ASME piping codes B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, and comply with US DOT 49 CFR Parts 192/195. Since 1998, not a single mechanical connector has failed hydro-test or, has been replaced due to corrosion, maintenance or repair. Positive Seal Coupling's are extremely safe and reliable for both high and low oil fields pressure applications.

Reduced Life - Cycle Cost

After supply and installation, the maintenance and repair cost for Positive Seal Couplings - Mechanical Connector is ZERO. With over 3000KM of flow-lines constructed since 1998, not a single Positive Seal Coupling-Mechanical Connector has needed maintenance or, repair.

Shortened Overall Project Schedule

The current Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for oil flow-line tie-in is approximately 21-days per KM for a 6” pipeline. This timeline could be shortened by over 80% by using the faster and more efficient Positive Seal Coupling - Mechanical Connector pipeline construction system. A revised KPI for pipeline tie-in could be as low as 3-days per KM. This means well- heads can be tied-in much faster enabling early oil production.

Reduced Impact On Environment

Conventional welding requires X-RAY, internal FBE-coating repairs, 30+ men per crew and a variety of extra equipment all which necessitate procedures that adversely impact the environment. The Positive Seal Coupling System - Mechanical Connector requires no NDT/X-RAY or, FBE patchwork and utilizes a small crew who can finish installation work in a fraction of the time.