Background Jetair International has developed the Positive Seal Coupling (PSC) system as a method for joining pipes. The system has been used to construct pipelines since 1979 but with most of the applications based onshore. Jetair International is looking to increase its exposure in the offshore pipeline market.

Benefits of the PSC system

The main benefits of the PSC system can be summarized as:

  • No field joint coatings are required internally or externally. This means that reliable, factory applied coatings can be used along the entire pipe length at the joint locations.
  • Increased lay rates up to twice the speed of the conventional welded S-lay methods.
  • If conventional welded methods require field joint coating of internal joints, the PSC system can be up to 4 times faster lay.
  • The lack of welding, field joint coating, and x-ray requirements means that specialist pipe lay vessels do not need to be used. Lower cost, vessels of opportunity with sufficient deck space can be modified to accommodate the pipe-lay equipment.
  • The PSC system is suitable for use with all internal coating types.