A Solid Business Case

Since the Positive Seal Coupling (Mechanical Connector) system completely eliminates the need for welding, pipelines can be constructed with the benefit of internal coating, which protects them from corrosive fluids. Since PSC - mechanical connector installation results in zero damage to internal coating – no repair nor “patch-work” is required at the joint. The PSC - mechanical connector method of joining pipe translates into significant life-cycle savings.

With coupling insertion taking only 60 seconds to complete, pipe lay rates are much faster than with welded connections. The heavier the pipe wall, the more economical PSCs are compared with a welded pipe, coated or uncoated. The speed of construction can mean getting wells tied-in sooner and well production ahead of schedule.

From a technical perspective, the Positive Seal Coupling System (Mechanical Connector) is proven and far superior to all available alternatives. In terms of Life-Cycle costs and time saved, the Positive Seal Coupling System (Mechanical Connector) is competitive, but can significantly reduce construction time facilitating early tie-in and production gains. The Positive Seal Coupling System (Mechanical Connector) makes a solid business-case for use in pipelines

The graph above shows that the Positive Seal Coupling System vs.the alternatives are highly competitive in terms of Life-Cycle Costs. Typically, the cost of material is significantly higher than most of the other options. However, the installation cost is low and repairs and maintenance costs are near zero. When reviewed on its merits, the Positive Seal Coupling System (Mechanical Connector)makes the most business sense.

Overall, the Positive Seal Coupling System is less expensive than Non-Metallic (RTR), Flange Systems, Internal- Sleeves and Internal Girth-Weld Coatings

Although the Positive Seal Coupling System was originally developed to eliminate weld-burn issues on internally FBE-coated pipelines, the second largest and most often over looked benefit of the system is - SPEED OF CONSTRUCTION.

Since the installation of Mechanical Connector requires minimal pre-work and no post-connection inspection or NDT, pipeline construction is often 10x faster than conventional welding. This means wells get tied- in faster and oil production can begin weeks ahead of schedule.