PSC Installation and Pipeline Construction

  • Step 1:

    Jetair International’s PSC field joining unit, hydraulic power unit, and crew are mobilized at the job site.

  • Step 2:

    The line end is blast cleaned to “near-white” metal over the PSC insertion depth.

  • Step 3:

    The pipe end (OD) is checked for API 5L tolerance conformance with precision “Go” and “No Go” rings.

  • Step 4:

    The pipe wall thickness (WT) is checked for API 5L tolerance conformance with a precision ultrasonic steel thickness gauge.

  • Step 5:

    The correct insertion depth is measured and marked on the exterior surface of the pipe.

  • Step 6:

    A specially formulated epoxy lubricant/sealant is applied to the exterior to the pipe end.

  • Step 7:

    The specially formulated epoxy is also applied to the interior of the PSC.

  • Step 8:

    The crew positions the line pipe and PSC into the field joining unit.

  • Step 9:

    The field joining unit operator uses hydraulic power to grip the pipe and press the pipe into the PSC to the correct insertion depth.

  • Step 10:

    The side boom operators move and position the field joining unit to begin the next joint.

Installation Record

  • 2"
  • 3"
  • 4"
  • 6"
  • 8"
  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 150Km
  • 227KM
  • 240KM
  • 284KM
  • 418KM
  • 580KM
  • 15KM
  • 1926KM

Service Applications

United States
Saudi Arabia

United States (Oil)
Saudi Arabia (Oil)
Oman (Gas & Oil)

United States (Gas & Oil)