The graph above shows that the PSC System vs.the alternatives is highly competitive in terms of Life-Cycle Costs. Typically, the cost of material is significantly higher than mos of the other options. However, installation cost is low and repairs and maintenance costs are near zero.When reviewed on its merits, the PSC System makes the most business sense.

Overall, the PSC System is less expensive than Non-Metallic (RTR), Flange Systems, Internal- Sleeves and Internal Girth-Weld Coatings

production gain

Although the PSC System was originally developed to eliminate weld-burn issues on internally FBE-coated pipelines, the second largest and most often over looked benefit of the system is - SPEED OF CONNSTRUCTION.

Since installation of PSC’s requires minimal pre-work and no post-connectio inspection or NDT,pipeline construction is often 10x faster than conventional welding. This means wells get tied- in faster and oil productio can begin weeks ahead of schedule.