The Positive Seal Coupling System was developed in 1979 and first patented in 1982. The current Coupling System design, patented in 1998, is the result of extensive mechanical and metallurgical re-engineering, finite element analysis, and laboratory testing.

This Coupling System is a high strength, cost effective alternative to welding for joining NPS 2” through 12” line pipe. Originally developed for use joining internally coated pipe-it eliminates the need for internal girth weld coating.

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  • Water - Injection

    Since 1979, PSC’s for high-pressure water-injection have been installed in Saudi Arabia, the United States, Libya, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

  • Hydrocarbon

    As the water-cut in oil flow-lines starts to increase - so does corrosion. PSC’s combined with internal-coating are an excellent option to mitigate this problem.

  • Offshore

    Barge rental rates for a conventional set-up can exceed $250K per day. Since the PSC System utilizes a smaller barge and lay-rates are much faster – cost-savings offshore can be significant.

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Welcome to Jetair International, the global leaders in Positive Seal Coupling (PSC) system

Jetair International is a pipeline construction company that develops PSC systems that are designed to eliminate any girth weld or patch work. This helps us ensure that companies working with us can leverage on maximum coating integrity across all connectors and joints. Through our mechanical joint integrity test, we make sure that the systems provided by us, serve as durable and cost effective solutions to your construction needs. When it comes to quality assurance and control, our Jetair Supervisors make sure that safety, construction efficiency, joint integrity, and quality are maintained throughout the installation process.